I am a heart breaker and a heart opener.

I will force you out of hiding and into the places that most scare you.

For the sake of your individual – and our collective – freedom.

Fuck fear. Let’s figure out How to Make Love.™


Join laura for a revolutionary discussion each week on How To Make Love.™

A podcast that tests the edges of what love is, how we define it, the borders it can cross, the walls it can knock down, and its hidden costs and shadows. Fuck “finding” love or “falling into” it —in a world filled with injustice and disconnect, our future depends on making it.


Most people think love is something to be found or fall into. They think it’s reserved for romance, or religion, or families. Those aren’t my people. My people are heart-centered everywhere – or they want to be. They want a world filled with love; they want a life filled with love. They want to die with love on their lips.

They know radical love (not fuzzy love, not ambiguous love, not conditional love) is the only forcefield that can cut through the hatred and disconnection and dehumanization in our world right now. My people do the work — put in the practice — to make that sort of love everywhere they go.

The trouble is: that sort of radical love lives on the other side of fear. Which means we’re fucked, because we’re taught to resist fear. To deny it. To hide it. But if what we most long for — in our relationships, in our work, in our own personal liberation — lives on the other side of fear, we must learn to go through it. To feel it. To embrace it as radically as we embrace love. We must learn to stare fear in the eyes and stay put.

That way of living, that way of leading, that way of pursuing social justice is not for the feint of heart. But it is the start to how we begin to make more love in our lives and in the world – to intentionally create it, to wield it, to harness it, to give it.

Are you ready to confront your fear in order to make more love? See the ways we can create extraordinary, love-filled experiences below.