Relationship with justice





In 100 Days.

As a trained death doula, I know vividly that life is brief.

I also know that most of us live — and die — according to other people’s rules, conventions, expectations, norms, shoulds, opinions, and terms.

The choices, identities, decisions, risks, experiences, and life many of us long for require a practice of courage.

Your life, wholeness, and legacy all live on the other side of your fear.

I help people courage.

To change their lives, and change the world.

In 100 days.

For liberation. From love.

Leave your job.

Change your gender identity.

Defeat self-doubt.

Speak truth to power at your organization with a megaphone.

Get a promotion or raise.

Move across the world.

Double your fees.

Be more present.

Conquer imposter syndrome.

Create a podcast.

Climb a (literal) mountain.

Come out.

Leave a marriage.

Build a business.

Inspire your community.

Change the culture.

Heal your heart.

(All previous client results.)

More is possible in 100 days than you can imagine.

And the support you’ll receive is unlike ANYTHING out there.

I am a coach for humans who courage on behalf of justice and liberation. In their own lives, and in the world.



And this program is cross-fit for your heart:

100 days of courage, coaching, and nearly unlimited support with me in a private, radical container.

100 Days of Coaching Sessions

Three full months of private coaching. We’ll have sessions three weeks a month and create an intimate, supportive, challenging environment for you to change your life in whatever way you want in 100 days.

100 Days of Flash Support

Need support between sessions? A provocative boost? A dose of fuck yes you’ve got this? You have access to a private app to communicate with me as much or as little as you need between sessions. I’ll be by your side / in your phone on these 100 days.

100 Days of UNLIMITED Additional Support

What?! I know. I’ve discovered adding 20-minute coaching sessions to push you, lift you, be with you along the 100 days can be super powerful. So: I offer unlimited 20-minute coaching sessions along the way ON TOP of your regular sessions. I am deeply committed to your transformation and your couraging when we work together.


There is nothing else like this sort of coaching program and support out there.


IN ADDITION 100 days of radical support from a critically conscious, master coach you will ALSO receive:

There are sliding scale options for organizations & individuals with varied budgets, additional scholarship options, and payment plan options. Please see the application for details.

What would you do in your life if you had 100 days of courage?

I accept 4 clients per quarter. Apply and we’ll get a conversation set up to explore your goals and timing.

1. Are there scholarships or financial support options?

Yes. As a commitment to ongoing reparations, the tuition for any Black applicant or Indigenous applicant is decreased by 10%. For organizations and individuals with significant systemic and financial constraint, the tuition can be reduced by 20% to $4,500 (in addition to the 10% reparative adjustment for Black/Indigenous peoples if/when applicable). (For individuals and organizations with budgets that can champion equity and the participation of others as an act of justice, the tuition is optionally increased between up to $6,500 to help offset financial aid to candidates who cannot participate at the full tuition.) Additional financial aid is available upon request, as are payment plans. The standard tuition is $5,500.

2. How do "100 days of coaching" work?

You will have a three-month coaching container with me (100 days). We will have one full-length coaching session three weeks of the month and take one week off for reflection and rest. During that three month window, you are welcome to schedule as many 20-minute coaching sessions IN ADDITION to our regular weekly coaching session as you like. There is no limit to the coaching support you can receive.

3. What is flash support?

Little questions, brief needs, quick touch points — anything that takes a few minutes. Instead of holding onto those questions or needs and waiting for the next session, you can use an app called Voxer to get support from me in between sessions.

4. What is the process for determining if this is right for me?

Coaching is a big investment — of time, money, energy, and resources. Don’t worry — we’ll take as much time as we need to determine if this support is the right support for you.

The first step is to apply. That will let me know you’re interested in exploring this container as a possibility. I will email you and set up a time to talk, free of charge. We’ll chat and decide if a coaching session makes sense as the next best step (sometimes I can offer resources, connections, and advisorial support in that first chat in a way that shifts the need or want for coaching.)

If we each decide to explore some coaching time, we’ll set that up free of charge, too. We’ll have a coaching session to explore your goals and wants. Sometimes all you need is a single, powerful coaching session. And sometimes: you might want more. If that’s the case, you can let me know after our session and I’ll send you a proposal and we’ll discuss if it works for you. What I won’t do is apply any pressure to work together. I am here as a resource, and I trust your knowingness and timing.

If we decide to move forward, we’ll set up our coaching calendar, a payment plan, you’ll get access to apps and bonuses, and we’ll jump in for 100 revolutionary days.




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