Courage Coaching 

Radicalize. Humanize. Revolutionize. 

Revolutionary coaching for revolutionary folks.


in their lives + in the world

There are currently only two ways to work with me directly in a coaching relationship.

We can create massive cultural change and impact in your organization/team in a small group for 6 months.

We can change your life in 100 days by working together 1:1 in a container of virtually unlimited support.

Fear is a compass that points towards what matters most:
in your life, and in our world.


Courage is a practice,
not a pre-requisite.
Inner change creates outer change.
as we radicalize ourselves, we revolutionize our world.
“As a CEO it is a joy to work with laura. The approach that she is able to take in listening and helping you dig into your core has been critical to my success in showing up as my authentic self and bringing my identity into my work. Our regular reflections have led me to be able to rebuild my team’s morale, elevate the leadership of others in my organization, and row my agency’s budget by 25% in one year. I understand myself better when I work with laura, and as a result, I understand my work more profoundly.”

Jon M.
CEO, San Francisco

“Bold, Brave, Purposeful! Those are the words that come to mind after working with laura. She is extremely skilled at coaching you to uncover YOUR true purpose and creating aligned actions that lead to success. During our time together we explored power, privilege, personal core values, and how your belief about those things impact the decisions you make. Her ability to create a welcoming environment, that is both challenging and supportive, allows for her coaching to truly transform your perspective. I would recommend her to anyone that I cared about because she cares a lot about ensuring that a more equitable world exists and that starts with each person being the best they can be. Her coaching was truly a catalyst that I needed in being bold, brave, and purposeful. I remember that on the days that seem a little tougher than others!”

Sharma B.
Assistant Principal, Texas

In each coaching session laura takes me further than what I imagine possible for myself and my work in the world. Through her incisive listening and questioning she challenges me to stretch into courageous action, taking bolder steps in my work outside of sessions, in particular to bring more focus and variety of alliance driven projects to racial and Eco-justice in community education. laura lifts me up to live my values more openly. She impacts me that way in large part because she brings authentic gravitas to her speaking which sources from living and working in congruence with her progressive principles. I feel immediately able to shift into a more aligned energized version of myself with her. Just as important to me is the heartful way laura meets me and accepts me right where I am. She gives me safety and permission to get vulnerable with her. After just a few powerful session – I have moved through chronic creative blocks and stultifying limits of self-expression into more effective leadership, and I’m having way more fun in collaboration with co-workers, students,  clients, and community stakeholders as a result. laura’s the “real-deal” helping me make measurable, meaningful change within myself that translates into external results. She’s really more than a coach- she’s a fierce ally”

Michelle N.
Community Resilience Facilitator & Environmental Activist, California




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