“An inspiring revolutionary of these times, a brave social changer, a heart opener who talks about … the most confronting issues” -Cristina Palma, International Leader, Minerva Schools

laura’s impact as a speaker is built on her ability to explore difficult topics with incredible warmth, authenticity, and playfulness. She is a thought-leader, coach, and facilitator with the unique capacity to both inspire her audiences and ensure they leave with actionable strategies for change.


“laura kicked my ass…Correction…loved my ass…Correction…held up a mirror and asked me to love my own ass.”


“In a society and a world governed by the inheritors of massive wealth and power accumulation, we are in desperate need of more opportunities to recognize and reflect on how to tend to those gaping wounds.”


“This workshop brought me quickly and lovingly in touch with my own vulnerability, so I could receive the pain that lives there.”


“This was such a beautiful experience…Be brave! This isn’t a workshop that makes you have even more white guilt. It’s a place of hope and personal reflection.”


“If you are doing justice work, or want to be, or just want to be more whole, you have to learn and grow alongside Laura.”


“This was truly lovely, challenging, inspiring, and the best kind of uncomfortable. I will be reflecting, building, and growing from this for a long time.”


“Give yourself the gift of laura brewer’s offerings. You will be surprised about how much you can take off your shoulders and begin to re-emerge with cleaner energy. A more authentic you.”


“This event opened my eyes and heart.”

Workshop Topics

laura enjoys working with event coordinators to customize talks within the scope of her work and experiences in the topics below:


Our country is more divided and antagonistic than ever. It’s easy to shut down, disconnect, and blame the opposing forces. It’s much harder – and more necessary than ever before – that we learn to make more love in our work around justice. Below is a sampling of keynote and workshop topics that integrate love and justice:

  • The Inseparability of Love and Justice
  • Inside-Out: the inner work of justice
  • “What Got Us Here Won’t Get Us There” – new ways of BEing in social justice
  • SelfFULL Love: distinctions for self-healing and personal liberation
  • Rewriting the Future of Whiteness: white people and the practice of love & liberation

Across all different kinds of organizations – from small startups, to family-owned businesses, to large Fortune 500 companies – it’s more important than ever that we bring our value of love to work. Creating inclusive, high-functioning, high-impact teams requires a whole new way of leading. Creating those types of companies requires creating love. Below is a sampling of keynote and workshop topics that integrate love and leadership:

  • PowerLESS Love
  • Radical Inclusivity
  • Making Love at Work
  • The Heart Work of Leadership: how to lead with head & heart
  • The Toxicity of Perfectionism
Love & FEAR

Most people believe that fear is the opposite of love. I have a different take: I believe that fear reveals what we love the most. And I believe we can learn to re-relate to fear so that it loses its power to prevent us from making love in our lives and in the world. Below is a sampling of keynote and workshop topics that hold the complexity and seeming contradiction of love and fear:

  • Hiding in Plain Sight: the art and courage of being seen
  • Fear as Your Compass: a new way of relating to fear
  • Humans Practicing BEing: the radical courage of connection

Past Partners


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