The Cadre: Courageous Leadership

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Most people think you have courage – or you don’t.

That courage is about how much fear you feel. How much doubt you have.

That courage is something “out there” – in someone else.

Most leaders are waiting for more courage to show up.

To one day have enough courage to do or say The Thing.

Waiting for someone else to step up and spark The Change that’s needed.

They have externalized courage, and responsibility.

And so most leaders are stuck.


Their teams and cultures are stuck too…

Forced to wait for critical change in culture, equity, and inclusivity in some obscure future time — because someone toward the top feels fear right now.

Most people aren’t my people.

I am an executive coach that invests in leaders who courage on behalf of justice and liberation. It’s messy, beautiful, disruptive, and vulnerable. It’s radical and powerful. And it’s revolutionary.

My people know that inner work is intimately linked to outer change. They know that the work they do inside of themselves is then reflected in their teams. That transformative leadership comes from within. And scales wildly around them, to their culture and policies. My people do their inner work. Because it matters.

And it’s not that they don’t feel fear – they do.

It’s not that they don’t feel alone –  they often do.

It’s not that they aren’t working hard or exceptionally –  they are.

My people know that building their personal capacity to courage is deeply linked to creating essential change in their organization. So my people take time to work on both.

But that sort of inner transformation that leads to outer transformation can be elusive. And it’s very difficult to do alone.

This Cadre is designed for senior organizational, team, and culture leaders — and rising senior leaders. Folks whose decisions and actions shape culture, policies, programs, public persona, teams, relationships, funding, and power.

Folks who care deeply about how they wield, use, and share their power. Folks who are sick of waiting, and who know they’re being called to act more courageously and create deeper change. Who see progress because of their leadership but also know that pace of progress is just too damn slow to outrun the velocity of inequity.

It is for leaders of all identities who see with clarity the pain, exhaustion, and exasperation in their teams, especially for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and disabled teammates and people — and who know they play an important role in creating change.

Courage is needed.

But the sort of courage that’s needed to make critical change, disruption, and deep inclusivity isn’t grown with rugged individualism. It’s not grown with martyrdom, or paternalism, or patriarchy. It sure as hell isn’t grown in an environment of festering imposter syndrome, unhealed internalized racism/oppression, acute fear, exhaustion, burnout, a sense of urgency, or perfectionism. And this work is not meant to do alone.

The sort of courage needed — and the sort of courage the people in your organization deserve — must be fostered in intimate community. With your own Board of exceptional leaders. With people who aren’t there to judge or critique, because they show up instead with radical empathy and radical accountability. Accountability that inspires you to go the places you’ve been afraid to go. To have the conversations you’re worried about having. A community that supports you, sees you, and is going head-to-head and heart-to-heart with very similar challenges.

The Cadre is a brave, cross-racial community of extraordinary leaders, leading in extraordinary ways — making a huge impact. 

And it’s also made of people who, when they’re honest with themselves, know that deeper change must be made — within their organization and, critically, within themselves.

And their answer is: “yes.”

This experience is:

  • One part executive coaching

  • One part leadership development curriculum (think of it as cross-fit for your identity, heart, skills, and courage)

  • One part radical community — a dream Board of like-minded, socially just, compassionate humans who show up for and challenge one another to courage-as-a-verb on behalf of justice.

We begin October 25th.

We will be together 3x a month for 6 months.

The Cadre will fill quickly.

The tuition is $7,500.

Past participants will tell you the impact of the Cadre on their growth and team’s performance was worth far more than the tuition.

Ask your organization to fund your participation and invest your leadership now. You deserve it. They need it.

When you hone your capacity to courage for justice and leadership, everyone benefits.


"Working with laura as a coach is safe and daring at the same time… laura gave me permission to live in my strengths, create my own identity as a coach, rather than attempting to fit an archetype, and challenged me to “allow myself to be brilliant” and witness the brilliance of others."


“laura kicked my ass…Correction…loved my ass…Correction…held up a mirror and asked me to love my own ass.”


"The approach that [laura] is able to take in listening and helping you dig into your core has been critical to my success in showing up as my authentic self and bringing my identity into my work [as a CEO]. Our regular reflections have led me to be able to rebuild my team’s morale, elevate the leadership of others in my organization, and grow my agency’s budget by 25% in one year. I understand myself better when I work with laura, and as a result, I understand my work more profoundly."


"In laura’s presence I feel respected, safe and genuinely cared for. laura is an authentic, bold and compassionate coach. She has called out a new fresh story for my life, inspired me to be true to who I am, and empowered me to step into courageous actions that have transformed my life. laura has left an eternal imprint on my soul, and I am forever grateful."


"Bold. Brave. Purposeful! Those are the words that come to mind after working with laura. She is extremely skilled at coaching you to uncover YOUR true purpose and creating aligned actions that lead to success. During our time together we explored power, privilege, personal core values and how your belief about those things impact the decisions you make."


"If you are doing justice work, or want to be, or just want to be more whole, you have to learn and grow alongside Laura."


“Give yourself the gift of laura brewer’s offerings. You will be surprised about how much you can take off your shoulders and begin to re-emerge with cleaner energy. A more authentic you.”

There is nothing else like this experience out there.


To ensure the value you get from this experience is literally triple the investment


IN ADDITION to your own Board of (justice and courage practicing) Advisors and 6 months of group support, coaching, leadership development, challenge and accountability from a prominent teacher and coach


you will ALSO receive:

There are sliding scale options for organizations with varied budgets, additional scholarship options, and payment plan options. Please see the application for details.

It’s (past) time.

Let’s courage together. And make a damn difference. On your team. For your organization. And in your leadership.

1. Is this a multi-racial space?


2. Are there scholarships or financial support options?

Yes. The standard tuition is $7,500. For organizations and individuals with significant systemic and financial constraint, the tuition is reduced by 20% to $6,000. For individuals and organizations with budgets that can support equity and the participation of others as an act of justice, the tuition is increased by 20% to $9,000. Additional financial aid upon request. 

3. Can I participate in a Cadre more than once?

Yes. Each group is unique. There is tremendous value in participating more than once. There are two cadres per year.

4. Is there a waitlist?

Yes. If you receive a waitlist offer, we will contact you should a spot open up and will reach out to alert you of future Cadres.

5. I am uncomfortable with the phrase “white supremacy,” unfamiliar with what it really means, and/or do not recognize white supremacy conditioning within myself or my organization.

We are all of us on a complex, life-long journey in our development as anti-racist people. Each phase of that journal is important, and most of us have confronted it at some part of our relationship with racial justice. And also: this is definitely not the right space or group for you right now.

6. I am uncomfortable with profanity, references to sex/human sexuality, and prefer that spaces stay “professional.”

We honor your choices and boundaries — and this is definitely not the right fit/space.

7. Can you talk more about the curriculum?

Depending on unique group needs, laura will regularly teach in sessions and bring guests who specialize in various aspects of leadership development. Most of this development will be integrated into regular calls, but as each participant maps out their courage-ing blueprint, laura will create custom modules and videos to ensure each participant learns in customized ways.

8. Is a certain title, band, or position required to participate?

No. The cadre is designed in particular for senior leaders AND rising senior leaders. This is an incredible investment opportunity in the people leading or soon to lead policies, cultures, teams, wings, etc.




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