The Cadre

Revolutionary coaching for revolutionary humans.


I help people courage.

Radical Coaching

Radical Community

Radical Results

I work with those who live and lead courageously and disruptively — or who are ready to.


The root of the word courage is“cor”heart, in Latin.
According to Webster’s, courage is: the capacity to do something that causes fear; it’s the ability to feel pain and still stand in your strength.
To live courageously is to live with your whole heart, and with the risk that comes with radical vulnerability.
You see that the things you want in your life – and for our world – nearly all live on the other side of fear.
You are at a place in your life where fear can no longer be a valid reason to take – or not take – action, or to not make change.
And you’re ready to do some of the edgiest, riskiest, most heart-based courage work of your life. On purpose.

I see you.

You thrive in community.

You know it’s not easy to find a community where the core spoken or unspoken foundation is one of radical inclusivity and deep respect.

You believe the collective is healing.

You want to be in a space where folks show up authentically and bravely, and where community members support, care for, and challenge each other.

You know islands were not meant for liberation, and that individualism can be toxic.

Oneness and sameness get confused in our culture. Operating in the context of Togetherness is an act of resistance.

You get that community isn’t always easy, but it is where growth can thrive. By being witnessed, and witnessing.

You want the freedom to learn in your own ways, at your own pace – and – you want to see and be seen by – people who get you, who will challenge you, and who will love you fiercely both as you are now, and for the person you’re becoming. And who will never let you unsee your potential.

I get you.

You crave learning and being stretched.

Growth is a fundamental part of who you are. Your story is one of evolution – and revolution – in the midst of significant challenge. But that’s come at a cost: isolation…a lack of balance…work that seems to never end…a struggle to celebrate wins and experience deep joy.

It’s been hard to find development that really stretches you in the ways you want a stretch – in your head and your heart.

You want development that leaves you feeling full instead of empty. Development that doesn’t demand that you put some piece of your identity on the shelf. Development that values your success and your soul. To start with the whole you(because we are all whole and grow from that point and that depth.

Maybe you’re burnt out, or maybe you’re an over-achiever who knows there has to be a different way. Maybe you’re seeing how perfectionism is a toxic poison that sucks your spirit and authenticity dry. Maybe you are observing the ways that your organization’s model of success is monolithic and you want a way of succeeding that honors all of who you are.

You understand at a core level that your ability to learn – to drive your own success and impact – from place of radical self-love is an act of resistance, disruption, and liberation.

And you’re game for peeling back the layers and learning how to do it.


“Working with laura as a coach is safe and daring at the same time… laura gave me permission to live in my strengths, create my own identity as a coach, rather than attempting to fit an archetype, and challenged me to “allow myself to be brilliant” and witness the brilliance of others.”


“laura kicked my ass…Correction…loved my ass…Correction…held up a mirror and asked me to love my own ass.”


“The approach that [laura] is able to take in listening and helping you dig into your core has been critical to my success in showing up as my authentic self and bringing my identity into my work [as a CEO]. Our regular reflections have led me to be able to rebuild my team’s morale, elevate the leadership of others in my organization, and grow my agency’s budget by 25% in one year. I understand myself better when I work with laura, and as a result, I understand my work more profoundly.”


“In laura’s presence I feel respected, safe and genuinely cared for. laura is an authentic, bold and compassionate coach. She has called out a new fresh story for my life, inspired me to be true to who I am, and empowered me to step into courageous actions that have transformed my life. laura has left an eternal imprint on my soul, and I am forever grateful.”


“Bold. Brave. Purposeful! Those are the words that come to mind after working with laura. She is extremely skilled at coaching you to uncover YOUR true purpose and creating aligned actions that lead to success. During our time together we explored power, privilege, personal core values and how your belief about those things impact the decisions you make.”


“If you are doing justice work, or want to be, or just want to be more whole, you have to learn and grow alongside Laura.”


“Give yourself the gift of laura brewer’s offerings. You will be surprised about how much you can take off your shoulders and begin to re-emerge with cleaner energy. A more authentic you.”

I see you — and I fucking love you.

You want a revolution. You believe that breaking free of the status quo and the mainstream systems that perpetuate it require UN-learning as much as new learning.

That work excites you. It makes your body buzz. It’s something you want to be a part of and contribute to. You want to build your dreams and mission and goals and life and outcomes from THAT place.

You acknowledge the prevalence of racism, misogyny, heteronormativity, ableism, transphobia, Islamophobia, classism, and white supremacy. You also realize there is no immunization shot against these systems – that living in this country means that these systems exist out in the world and they exist inside our inner worlds. And, perhaps most profoundly disturbing … these systems seep their way into the life and leadership we’re creating, if left undisrupted and unchallenged.

You believe in freedom. You want individual and collective liberation. Now. Because we’re not free as a society, until we’re ALL free as individuals.

And, most importantly: you’re readyYou’re ready to do the inner work in order to create the outer change, and to learn to build and create success and identity and life in ways that model disruption and freedom.

The only problem is

You’re so powerful on the inside that you’re stuck on the outside.

And fear holds you back.

And all of these brave and unique characteristics of who you are — your desire for revolution, for growth, for community — come with a shadow
  • You’re charismatic and compelling. Others are drawn to you. And that attention can become addictive and lead to people pleasing syndrome. Being in the spotlight and admiration of others feels good (nothin’ wrong with that), except often without even realizing it, you’re making big decisions constrained by how they’ll be perceived or received by other people. That tendency to want to please others means you’re often shrinking who you are in order to make the people around you more comfortable.


  • You’re… well… you’re a little funky. You’ve always been different than the crowd. And whilst that makes you courageous and authentic, it can also lead to isolation and loneliness. You tend to decline offers of help and support, you don’t reach out when you need it most even though you believe in the power of the collective. Even if you’re not alone, you sometimes feel alone. And often misunderstood by those you love the most, because you keep your cards close to your chest.


  • You’re a deep thinker with a brilliant mind. And you get stuck there. You’re in your head about the big stuff, you over-think, and you intellectualize your fear.
  • You have a big heart. Which means you put others first. To your detriment. You’re compelled to be a caretaker (and you’re good at it), and there’s rarely any energy or time left for you.
  • You’re growth-oriented, always learning, and ambitious. Which sometimes means that joy is a far-off feeling and you’re often not present for your life. You multi-task your way through a million challenges and make it look easy. You can dazzle people with half your attention and effort. As you race around, you: rarely celebrate, struggle to feel true joy, and fail to slow down and show up for your life.


Liberation wants the un-learning as much as the learning. The very things that have enabled your success to this point are the things keeping you stuck in fear of change, fear of transformation, and fear of letting go of the safety net and comfort zone.

The risk here is epic: your current identity within the status quo, as you know it

And the reward is epic too: your liberation. Individually, and for the collective. 

Society often asks us to fit in, to be the same, in order to succeed. Fuck sameness. It’s time you thrive because of who you are and not in spite of the very stuff that makes you YOU.

Fuck fear. It’s time to make love.

I will support and challenge you to step into the fear, the unknowing, and the risk.

Because we all have those fears and feelings. It’s part of being human.

I will create space for enthusiastic participation in heart-centered community where we choose to be vulnerable and can feel safe in our skin.

Because we all crave to be seen, heard, and loved: safety and inclusivity above else.


I will hold you in a container where perfectionism and achievement can be damned. You can leave them behind.

Because it is high time we define new metrics for success, and environments of compassion and inclusivity, that allow everyone to thrive.


The un-learning becomes organic, and comes with a sense of ease, not a sense of panic, or shame, or over-effort, or scarcity.

Rushing your evolution won’t make it get here faster. In fact, the level of over-efforting and racing and rushing is likely to prevent your development. And it certainly won’t fuel your liberation. 

Imagine how it would feel if the fear slipped away.

Imagine a community in which you don’t need to perform, or shrink, or play small.

Imagine a bold and radical practice of self-compassion and personal freedom.

Imagine a space where it’s safe to break down as much as it is to rise up.

And rise we shall. 

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

-Nelson Mandela

The darkest hours are always before dawn.

What if you…
  • Could build a practice of self compassion and freedom, that allowed you to do the things you crave?
  • Were finally able to take the steps toward your dream, the steps that right now seem impossible?
  • Could proudly embrace your new identity, however you want to define it: a new gender, a different orientation, exponential professional growth, or an inner shift that maybe others cannot see, but changes your world—forever?
  • And what if all happened with authenticity, self-care, restoration, and joy?


I see you. And I know that what you’re up to in the world will require relating differently to your challenges. And that will mean relating deeply – and differently – to yourself. And that will require a radical coach and community.

A part of what makes The Cadre so unique is that you are in an intimate group – being witnessed and witnessing – with other extraordinary revolutionaries. Think of it as having your own personal board of directors, all of whom are gifted leaders, dedicated to justice, and who are supporting, challenging, and championing you as you build.

The Cadre community is designed to push you through:

High-octane, disruptive experiences

that force you out of your habitual modes of thinking and into a space where you can see the ways you’re holding yourself back – and disruptive-to-the-status-quo, liberatory paths forward – from many angles.

A community of high performers

who will get to know you well and who will hold you to a “no BS” high bar that reflects your deepest potential. They’ll also bring love because they get it – they get the work you do, they see you, and they will hold you in care and empathy. And they won’t buy into the stories you use to limit your own impact.


A bold coach

who creates a custom, socially conscious, liberatory space for your development, will challenge your savviest ego-trip and hold your heart in both hands.


Tools and accountability

of epic proportion, so you’re not merely having the breakthrough “ah-ha!” moment, but stepping into the transformation, the new version of yourself.


Space to reflect, to grow, to learn and to process:

to mourn the self that’s fading while celebrating how far it’s gotten you, to plant the seeds for the next version, and water them, to prepare for the eventual harvest of all the inner and outer work.


Tailor-made challenges

that will stretch and fill you emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually so you can move through your blocks without sacrificing your body, soul, heart, head, spirit, or authenticity.


The place between your comfort zone and your dream is where life takes place.

— Helen Keller

Explore and create your new identity

during our 20 group coaching calls so that you develop your new world fueled by the passion you feel inside

Experience the love and support

of private coaching sessions to map out your plan so that you start to build your dream, step by step

Feel courageous and supported as you step into this work

by relying on your own private “Board of Directors” — the Cadre has its own unique power

Participate in dynamic conversations

with your like-minded tribe in our Facebook group, so that you can get support when you’re stuck and celebrate every win

Radical Reflection

Every week, you’ll engage in deep reflection and share that reflection with your Cadre members in a private facebook group. You’ll reflect on the actions you took that week; you’ll share the insights you gleaned; you’ll make commitments for the week ahead. You will have a historical blueprint for how you built, how you grew, what you shifted, and how you showed up.

Radical Coaching

In The Cadre, we’ll have live group coaching calls (which are recorded, so members can go back and learn from them all over again) twice a month. In each call, you’ll get a unique opportunity to: receive 1×1 coaching, be coached as a group, and to witness your extraordinary peers receive 1×1 coaching. Sometimes witnessing others as they experience deep coaching is even more insightful than being coached yourself. You choose how to play – but expect BOLD. Expect DISRUPTIVE. Expect SEISMIC shifts and impact in how you claim your own freedom and stand for the freedom of others.

Radical Community

Making radical change and pursuing radical missions is difficult. Your Cadre members are like gym buddies – folks all working to strengthen their muscles, all putting in the effort to make the change, and all championing one another in the process. In The Cadre, you get to ask for feedback, or help, or support. And you get to give all of that too. Our liberation is all tied together – so we’ll do this together. In community. In practice. Being witnessed, and witnessing.

The Cadre What

  • Fine tune your personal vision, mission, and purpose.
  • Get crystal clear on your priorities and hone the discipline to focus on them.
  • Make the hard calls.
  • Clearly, boldly, and sincerely answer the question what do I really want?
  • Learn to say “no.” Or “yes.” And mean it.
  • See your system of self sabotage from many angles; deconstruct it; rebuild it in a way that serves you and the life you want to be living.
  • See the systems around you – in your team, your organization, your community – more clearly, and have stronger tools and abilities to dismantle those systems and rebuild them, because you’ve done the work internally first.
  • Get intimate with your fears and inner critics. And handle them.
  • Transform your relationships – personally and professionally.
  • Make deep friendships – possibly for life – with people who see you, accept you, and support you because of your eccentricities, flaws, and unique magic.
  • Support and challenge a small, intimate, like-minded group of others that have also been hand-picked like you, as they do all this work alongside you.

The Cadre How

  • Participation in The Cadre is selective. It requires an application and interview.
  • The program is an 8-month commitment for an intimate group of high-performing, social impact leaders who are all want to build, create, lead, teach, work, and live in ways that disrupt the status quo. It’s like having your own (amazing) board of directors for your life and work.
  • We will meet virtually over Zoom, about twice a month, for 90 minutes each and for a total of 15 coaching sessions.
  • You will also get access to private 1:1 coaching typically reserved for laura’s 1:1 private clients throughout The Cadre experience.
  • You’ll get weekly 1:1 flash support opportunities: brief, intense bursts of support and accountability directly with laura.
  • Upon acceptance, you’ll receive an invitation to join a private Facebook community that will fuel relationships, accountability, inspiration, and learning. Each week, you will: share a weekly reflection; receive feedback from laura and the group on your insights; some weeks you’ll be assigned a custom challenge, unique to the work you’re doing and your personal mission. The group exists for you. It will be a collaborative, active space for narrating the learnings, failures, celebrations, and transformation you’re experiencing along the journey.

Tell me how you want to die, and I will show you how you need to live.

The Cadre is a one of a kind experience. Nothing else like this will give you the results you crave, in the same heart-on-fire way.

Building a practice of compassion and freedom, by nature creates a framework of racial, gender, and orientation equality. We use the path toward self love as a way to break through the fierce inner critic that has worn you to the bone, and create a new reality filled with passion and purpose.
You truly can’t learn this methodology anywhere else, because I created it after years of my own heart-wrenching self evolution.

If I sucked all the fear out of your head and heart, how would you live?

I am a heart breaker and a heart opener.

I will force you out of hiding and into the places that most scare you.

For the sake of your individual – and our collective – freedom.

Fuck fear. Let’s figure out How to Make Love.™

Meet Your Personal Coach

I’ve never been fond of coming out. It’s not something about which I have positive associations. I waited until I was 18 to come out, because I grew up in an environment in the south where a likely reaction to coming out was that you’d be sent to a camp, therapist, and/or “doctor” to be ‘made straight.’ I remember telling my parents I was gay, but what I also remember was being publicly outed by a religious organization and group of mentors I loved and trusted just before that. I showed up to what I thought was a regular meeting, was moved to the center of a room of “friends,” and was told to choose Jesus or my life of sin. All that to say: coming out hasn’t ever really been my personal cup of tea.

What was also true was that I pretended to be — and performed — straightness for all of my adolescence and a big part of my adulthood. I’ve known I’m queer since I was 7. Imagine an actor playing a role for 15 years of his life. That was me. And I acquired two superhuman strengths from being terrified that people would see me and find me out:

  • I became an expert in fear. 
  • I became an expert at hiding.

My panic attacks started around the age I realized I was gay. Alongside the acute terror of believing I was going to hell because I was queer. From 7 to 29, I got to know the curves of terror and fear intimately. I know what it’s like for a heart and body and mind and spirit to try to live and work and love and lead under its influence. I know what it’s like to long for something that truly terrifies you with all your heart. I know the half-life of that sort of living.

But my truly impressive superhuman power was keeping all this hidden. The anxiety; the depression; the fear; the queerness. I became a master at hiding from others, and from myself. Not just hiding my queerness, but hiding my truths — my me — my special mojo. And this meant that I also became a master at hiding from love. Love was all I wanted — to love others as me, and to be loved and accepted as me. So I even — and especially — became an expert at hiding my feelings and learned how to not feel them at all. If you want to learn to numb out, allow fear to control you, be called a “cold, unfeeling bitch” (those were the literal words a colleague used), and to shrink to make others more comfortable around you— I can help. 

And: if you want to dislodge and break free from all that stuff, I can help with that too.

Turns out, my pain as a youngster has made me brilliant at what I do now. I specialize in a particular sort of alchemy: 

  • Fear to radical love and courage.
  • Playing small to revolutionary authenticity and personal freedom. 

Sound familiar? Then let’s come out of those systems and social constraints and fears and inhibitions together. 

Liberation takes deep inner work, and it can lead to BIG outer change – in our lives, our relationships, and in the world. But the work is hard. It’s edgy. It’s essential for justice. And it’s the work I specialize in: taking people deep into the practice of radical courage and self-love, as an act of resistance – and as a path to collective liberation.

None of us are free until we’re all free. I’m so honored that you’re here, and to do this work beside you.


If you’re curious about my professional background, you can check that out here. (Cliff’s notes: I’ve been specializing in leadership development and coaching for over 10 years. But that doesn’t really matter. Read this to see what does.) You can also see some of my recent training and the teachers I work with here. And of course, there’s always here. And: if you’d like to know a little bit more about my personal story, you can give a listen here.

Before I joined the Cadre, I was fleshing out an idea to write a book. I wanted to write one that highlighted the experiences of people in my hometown, especially given our socio-economy and political climate. That being said, the weight of creating that type of work felt really heavy to me, and I was both frustrated and unsure about how to remove my “writer’s block” so that I could move forward with my project.

Post Cadre, I am now fleshing out the actual book! Something special unlocked for me during my time with laura and my Cadre group: they supported me in exploring forms of resistance – e.g. procrastination, doubt, etc. – that I had latched onto, and they inspired me to reach further in my daily and weekly goals. In doing so, I reshaped my thinking around my book project and now have a draft that captures my intentions. I also committed to performing pieces of my work as a part of a performance tour – something I would have never thought of doing so soon!


Entrepreneur, Michigan

Before I joined the Cadre, my life project was unclear, murky and scary. I felt really alone and didn’t know how to pursue it. The Cadre was a transformational experience for me. I am a different person. I’m living and acting in ways that are aligned to the vision that I have for myself. I have a support network unlike anything I’ve had before. The Cadre has truly changed my life in small and big ways.

And working with laura brewer was magical. She pushed me beyond what I thought was possible for myself. She never let me off the hook…She seamlessly blended identity development and critical consciousness into our work together. It never felt like extra or other or a separate component. It was brilliantly woven into the fabric of our work together.


CEO, Ohio

The next Cadre cohort of 2019 BEGINS in








What makes The Cadre unlike any other investment is my commitment to YOUR experience, goals, and youness. My love is fierce, and I hold this group tightly.


Clients tell me over and over that the work we do together is the most powerful, awe-inspiring, heart-wrenching, ass-kicking work they’ve done. [Their words, not mine.]


You will walk out on fire — in ways that support your personal freedom, and our collective liberation too. Let’s do this.

Have questions?

Ready to jump in?


Why is this virtual


The Cadre is a group experience for a small group of truly amazing humans doing truly incredible work in the world. For the sake of your experience, selection for The Cadre is not limited geographically. And we try to limit the number of people who might be members of the same network or organization to one person per Cadre, to ensure that you have wide open space to be freely yourself without concern about shared professional associations. But make no mistake: these are not “conference calls.” This space will be unlike any virtual (and perhaps any in person) space you’ve ever been a part of.

How can I gauge if I’m ready for this experience?

There are a few attributes that participants will need to have in order to participate:

  • A big goal, dream, challenge, etc. that you are trying to build or navigate. Nothing is too big, or too small: only that it is your longing. And ideally: that it feels impossible. We want to be inspired by what you’re up to. So what is it you’re up to? Transforming your marriage? Writing a book? Starting a company? Quitting your job? Bring your heart’s calling. Without that, The Cadre will not serve you.
  • An eagerness to do DEEP internal work. You know that this experience is about heart-based introspection, and you are willing to change your habits and beliefs.
  • Vulnerability. You must be willing to be perhaps more vulnerable than you’ve ever been in a group with other people, for 6 months start-to-finish.
  • Personal responsibility and leadership. This experience will be what you make it. Folks who get all they want and more from these Cadres take personal responsibility for their learning, for their engagement, for getting their needs met in and out of the group, and for what they discover about themselves as they do the inner work.
  • Critical consciousness. The Cadre is not a space for folks new to conversations and work around supremacy, power, privilege, and systems of oppression.

The application questions will help you further evaluate whether this experience is right for you, as will the interview, itself.

What will the return on my investment be?

That is entirely up to you: what you put in, what you practice, how deeply you reflect, and how willing you are to risk your previous achievements and who you think yourself to be in order to discover new edges, goals, strengths, and capacities you have not previously known. My clients are extraordinary people who achieve remarkable results. What is your biggest dream right now? Are you willing to play full-out in order to achieve it? If yes, this is the place for you and your investment could be 10-fold. But. The path there will challenging and uncomfortable. What could the return on investment be if you were surrounded and known deeply by an intimate group of other critically conscious, extraordinary humans? – and pushed to do some of the most rigorous inner work of your life – for 8 months? [Expect to be asked that question directly in your interview.]

What roles will everyone play?

You will:

  • Show up unmasked to approximately two calls per month, and do deep internal work with your Cadre in service to your personal goals. Vulnerability is required 200% of the time.
  • Share a brief and powerful reflection once a week in a private Facebook group that will guide your learning and take it even deeper. Many of your “ah-has” will com from these reflections.
  • Receive custom feedback and challenges from laura and your peers on your weekly reflections.
  • Leverage the private Facebook community for support, feedback, and coaching on anything you’re dealing with in your life and work. You can regularly share your work, request feedback, share celebrations, and build your own support network within the group.
  • Be invited into play and provocation on each call. How deep you go is up to you. Calls will involve individual coaching in the group space, and sometimes group-wide coaching. You will always have choice about when and how you engage; it is YOUR job to get your needs met.
  • Provide feedback, support, celebration, challenge, and coaching to and for your peers.

I will:

  • Bring bold, disruptive experiences, tools, and questions to our calls that will transform your work and life.
  • Protect and honor your time. Calls will begin and end on time. You will not have pre-work or transactional tasks – ever. Any activity provided will be potent development.
  • Coach boldly. I will say things to you that most people aren’t willing to say. My job is to serve you, not please you. Expect high-flame coaching; expect your stories to be interrupted; do not expect agendas or bulleted outcomes for any call or experience.
  • Provide custom feedback and coaching to you directly on your weekly reflections.
  • Post monthly challenges and games that will push you to your edges in our
  • Facebook community and invite you to play. It is always your choice about whether, and how deeply, you want to engage.
  • Provide feedback, coaching, reactions, and insights on request to any work from your life and world you choose to bring to our Facebook community. You will have the type of access to me directly that is usually reserved for one-on-one clients; support is virtually unlimited if you are willing to make bold requests.

We will:

  • Go deep, together.
  • Build a community that provides sustenance, inspiration, feedback, and challenge to every member.
  • Fine-tune our visions; establish concrete priorities and strategies that light us up; audit our energy and determine what drains it and what sustains it; name each one of our limiting beliefs and fears – and confront them; identify the complex pieces of our personal systems and apply what we’re learning to our lives and work; enhance our relationships; build new skillsets and mindsets; experiment; create; challenge; celebrate; coach; share vulnerably; transform, awaken, and build the lives, relationships, and work we want to be living.
  • Disrupt the status quo.




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