Leading Toward Liberation: The Fellowship

Study. Interrogate. Dismantle. Create.

We often think of liberation as a destination — as a place to get to.

But it’s also a way to show up.

A place to come from. An energy to cultivate, practice, and wield.

To show up that way requires deep inner work.

The process is inside-out — transformation honed inside yourself, and then shared with those around you.

This Fellowship is designed to create inside-out change in senior leaders who have direct influence on and access to org-wide culture and policies. The transformation begins inside; the impact should be systemic.

We can’t take others some place we haven’t gone inside ourselves.


We can’t ask others to interrogate what we ourselves are not willing to confront.

We can’t call others to risk themselves while we cling to systems of safety, scarcity, status, and control.

Calling others into a relationship with courage requires that we build a practice of courage ourselves.

We’re going to study liberation.

We’re going to interrogate ourselves. The beliefs and practices we’ve built a leadership identity on.

We’re going to pick a system of internalized oppression. An injustice that functions inside ourselves and learn to dissect and dismantle it. Learn to divest from it. Learn to stay in discomfort and hold steady when the system fights back, grasping for control.

And we will apply our insights from our personal rumble with inequity inside ourselves to the systems and conditions of injustice that function to hold our teams and organizations back at-large.

This experience will be rigorous. And vulnerable. And exquisite. And no part of it will be ‘safe.’

UNlearning who we are is not a ‘safe’ endeavor. Daring to recondition ourself in the absence of any real proof point of its plausibility is not safe.

This experience is designed for team managers and organizational leaders.

It is designed for people ready to UNlearn. Willing to divest. Committed to doing the impossible knowing full well: it’s impossible.

I do not have answers. I am a coach, and a maker and holder of radical space. I will lift up mirrors. And resources. And audacity. And companion you with fierce compassion, into the places that terrify you. Into the crevices that oppression has built a home in. I will teach you to place those nests in the fire.

We begin December.

Who is this fellowship for?

This space is designed for leaders within organizations who have the capacity to influence org-wide culture and people policies. We focus on inner transformation toward liberation within senior leaders who are then able to transform organizational culture and policies with a liberatory focus.

What will we study?
How long does The Fellowship last and what's the learning format?
Is this space cross-racial?


Are there scholarships available?

Yes. Because this fellowship is designed for senior organizational leaders, organizations will likely fund some if not all of the tuition. We offer a sliding scale for organizations based on their budget, and can offer scholarships to individuals paying tuition out of pocket. If this fellowship is meant for you, tuition should not hold you back. Please reach out to us.




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